Strategic Partnership with
Altest Corp

With Altest Corp and Napino Digital Solutions teaming up, we can offer Rapid Prototyping in the USA and deliver cost-effective mass scale manufacturing capabilities in India.


Combined Expertise, Streamlined Services.

In our collaboration, Altest Corp and Napino Digital Solutions unite their strengths.
Our partnership will support you in swiftly transforming abstract concepts into tangible, functional prototypes
and then eventually into thousands or millions of market ready units.


About Altest Corp

Altest, based in the Bay Area, USA, stands as one of the leaders in PCBA manufacturing. Their state-of-the-art interconnected factory is innately scalable, adaptable to projects of diverse scopes.

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) of all varieties are manufactured by Altest Corporation, which focuses on assembly process optimisation. 

Synergy of Altest Corp and Napino Digital Solutions

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