Mechatronics solutions are an interdisciplinary area of engineering that combines mechanical & electrical engineering. We provide an extension of mechanical systems and services with many important aspects like sensors and microcomputers. Our system picks up changes in its environment through sensors & reacts to their signals using the appropriate information processing, making it different from conventional machines.

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Engineering Services

Electrical engineering services at Napino are intended to help you set up and create the best-in-class product. We offer electronic product design with our new design ideas and concepts as per your requirement. Our automotive engineering services will help you keep your systems efficient and reliable. To name a few, we provide engineering services in the automotive industry for products like switchgear, audio panels, HVAC control panels, sensors, etc. Adhering to industry standards, our services are always delivered safely & up-to-date with all the necessary compliances. 

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Cost Optimized Solutions

Napino excels in designing & developing high-performance engineering tools with reduced costs and shortened time-to-market for mass production at scale. Fully capable of prototyping, we also run advanced engineering tools throughout the entire design and development process, measuring everything down to the torque of the last screw. We have extensive experience working with Indian and global customers to support them in making not just mechatronics devices but also providing them with software engineering testing tools to derive the best returns on their investments.


In mechatronic solutions, benchmarking is a continuous process of measuring a product against other products of the toughest competitors and identifying opportunities and approaches to improve. Benchmarking helps in product development by providing an external perspective on opportunities to improve many aspects like products, technology, manufacturing & support processes, the product development process, and engineering practices. We at Napino Digital Solutions are extremely well aligned and geared up to provide advanced mechatronics solutions on a systematic, cost-effective mass scale with utmost dedication & professionalism.

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Value Engineering

Napino’s years of experience in the automotive industry empower them to provide the customers with top-class value engineered products. It has also allowed us to help the customers to understand their competitor’s products. The value engineering value analysis process usually involves providing a tear-down study, Level wise bill of material, Geometry benchmarking, Material analysis, process benchmarking, Aesthetic/visual appeal, Ergonomics, and user interaction and function to cost analysis, resulting in the best Value Engineering solutions. Let our experts take care of the hassle by providing you with the best value engineering consulting.

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