With our automotive solutions, We aim for the Electric Vehicles (EV) use-case to extend conventional vehicles through the implementation of the EV ecosystem enabling interactions between different actors ranging from drivers and service providers to designers and manufacturers. Get in touch with us & leverage our years of electronic manufacturing experience to take your EV product to the market.

Charging electric cars- Napino Digital Solutions

Charging Infrastructure

Charging stations for electric vehicles pose a new challenge in terms of charging infrastructure and interfaces with the smart electricity grid. The scenario in charging stations for electric cars is also related to the requirements in terms of ultra-fast charging, parking lots, and automatic payment systems services.

With our large-scale implementation of EV charging stations, we provide a more advanced charging infrastructure capable of charging EVs at parking lots, and that too in a relatively short period of time. Apart from our main digital solutions, We offer smart, and innovative charging solutions for your fleet requirements.

Charging Infrastructure- Napino Digital Solutions
User Management Services- Napino Digital Solutions

User Management Services

Napino as a mobility service provider offers a seamless experience for EV users with real-time dashboards for drivers with information such as battery status, engine status, recommended maintenance, identification of the nearest geographic location of electrical vehicle plug-ins, current location analysis, etc. The mobility management services provided by Napino Digital Solutions make the drained battery vehicles easily orient towards the nearest charging station while also considering the other vehicles’ batteries within a given perimeter. 

Make the entire process of mobility management services hassle-free by choosing Napino Digital Solutions as your go-to mobility service provider.

Also, have a look at the mechatronics services that we offer.

Battery Management Services

A Battery management system is a system of electronic control circuits that monitor as well as regulate the charging & discharging of batteries. Battery management systems for electric vehicle.

Our battery management system for electric vehicles enables failure anticipation through battery lifetime monitoring, incident detection, and cloud storage of user information. We ensure the optimal use of the residual energy present in a battery and avoid loading the batteries, hence protecting the batteries from deep discharge & over-voltage.

Battery Managemnet Services - Napino Digital Solutions
Repair service center - Napino Digital Solutions

Repair Service Center


Electric Car Maintenance is a very crucial job since the advanced batteries used these days have a limited number of charging cycles. The battery management systems should be checked for them to function smoothly. Get integrating Over the Air Updates (OTA) and Remote Troubleshooting Capability (RTC) with the help of our service. We know the importance of monitoring and troubleshooting, along with the later stages of repairing or replacing components. Learn more about our electric cars maintenance system from our experts.

Interactions within the Ecosystem

Communication between Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-charging stations.

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