Smart Tracking & Environmental Monitoring

A top-tier asset tracker, with a complete environmental monitoring solution. Expertly designed for comprehensive temperature monitoring along with other environmental factors across all transport modes. Customize features to your requirement today!

Different variants for different needs

Asset Tracker

Tailor-made for your environmental monitoring needs. It's a go-to device for real-time location tracking, temperature, humidity monitoring, brightness measurement, pressure detection & so on. Designed for adaptability, it offers both rechargeable and non-rechargeable battery options.
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Beacon Plus

A new age, compact asset tracker. It advertises data with a customizable name & fixed-length payload data. With robust casing and long lasting battery, this device is perfect to track multiple assets at a single time.
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Asset Tracker as a gateway

Asset tracker as a Gateway

Seamlessly manage and monitor various environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, location, pressure, etc. The device is certified for usage in multi-modal transportation such as Air, Land, and Sea. It can be integrated into any platform or application over standard protocols. The Gateway talks to any Beacon to capture the data and upload it to the cloud via the WiFi/Cellular/ LoRA network along with live tracking details.
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Data Logger | Asset Tracker

Data Logger

An innovatively designed single use plug-and-play device used to monitor & record the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment with high precision. The device can be easily attached to multiple surfaces & configured to store environmental parameters at defined intervals.
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E label | Asset Tracking

E Label

The next level of asset management with our revolutionary E Label. Developed to be compact in size without compromising on precision, this low cost option is perfect for many specific use cases.
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With our fully customizable Smart Tracking & Environment Monitoring Tracker, you have the freedom to tailor your tracking experience to meet your unique needs.

Whether you need to track a diverse range of assets, configure specific monitoring parameters, or integrate the tracker with your existing systems, our customizable solution has you covered.

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