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We focus on providing innovative digital solutions to global OEMs by incorporating full stack IoT solutions in the verticals of Smart Home, Smart Workplace, Vehicle Telematics, ADAS, E-Mobility, Asset Trackers, Data Loggers, Environmental tracking, consumer electronics, etc.

Digital Solutions- Napino Digital Solutions

Smart Workplace

Make your workplaces safer using our smart tags for employees. Using our latest BLE tags and IoT Gateways it’s simple to implement touchless operations for attendance tracking, access controls, and social distancing. Our user-friendly Bluetooth beacon tracking & Bluetooth location tracking is effortless to use yet very efficient for official purposes.

Smart workplace - digital solutions - Napino Digital Solutions
Gps system in a smart car- Napino Digital Solutions

Vehicle Telematics

Vehicle Telematics system monitors 2-wheelers, cars, or fleets using GPS technology, and OBD systems and marks the vehicle’s movements on a computerized map. The telematics device can report on nearly every detail — from speed and idling to fuel use, low tire pressure, etc. Telematics systems in cars make vehicle diagnosis & then maintenance easier than before. The fleet telematics device features Engine ON Detection, Panic Detection, Accident Detection, Tow Detection, & much more, and it also fulfills the automotive standards as per the requirement of AIS140. Get onboard with Napino Digital Solutions & make your cars smarter along with learning insights on the driver behavior, performance of the car, and its health status with our vehicle tracking & fleet telematics system.

Smart Tag

Tag is a general-purpose Smart tag 5.0 sensor to support advertisement & publication for multiple use case scenarios such asattendance tracker, asset tracker, social distancing, bag scanning, etc. In the fast-moving smart world of today, there is a lot of need for as smart IoT device to track your assets efficiently. IoT smart tags advertise through standard iBeacon environmental sensor (temperature & humidity) data and accelerometer sensor data simultaneously. Our in-house built Asset Trackers with 5G sensors & accelerometers advertise sensor data only when an object is movingor after an object has fallen.

BLE Tag | Smart tag - Napino Digital Solutions
STEM- Smart temperature environmental monitoring solutions - Napino Digital Solutions

Smart Tracking & Environmental Monitoring Solution – STEM

Data loggers help you with real time asset tracking by continuously monitoring & documenting environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, motion, brightness, or differential pressure. With our real-time asset tracking system, seamless transportation and coldchain monitoring solutions are provided. A complete asset tracking platform developed in house by our experts, customized according toyour cold chain needs and pharmaceutical monitoring requirements. Our device is certified for usage in multi-modal transportation and can be integrated into any platform or application over standard protocols such as MQTT or TCP/IP.

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