What’s driving your digital transformation?

There has been a lot of talk about how the pandemic is driving digital transformation but is that true? And if so, what does it really mean?

Digital transformation describes how technology is changing the way we do just about everything. At a business level, it means capturing the information all around us and turning it into actionable insights.

Napino Digital Solutions has the experience and expertise to deliver digital transformation. It has worked with a growing number of manufacturers who value its ability to understand an opportunity and formulate viable solutions. This may start simply, with little more than an objective, which can then generate ideas about how that objective can be met in a way that delivers additional and far-reaching value. That value will invariably be in the form of data, but the way that data is captured will have a significant bearing on its value. It must also complement whatever solution is developed to meet the initial objective.

Drive Digital Transformation

This may involve focusing on a particular part of a problem, such as how to add wireless connectivity to a data logger. The use of vehicle telematics is a good example of how digital transformation is impacting logistic operations, where data such as route planning, load capacity, and fuel consumption all influence commercial operations. The service offered may include the transport of products that are sensitive to changes in humidity, temperature, or even air pressure; all of these parameters can now be routinely monitored using IoT solutions and integrated into telematic systems. The value may also come from developing entire systems, intended to address a specific opportunity, such as adding driver monitoring to a fleet of commercial vehicles.

Whatever the requirement is, it starts with a design challenge but it doesn’t end here. Value generation comes with turning an idea into a prototype, but it must also be able to scale up to large volumes, there will likely be certification requirements to go through to show compliance with international standards. There may even be a requirement to offer warranties or help integrate the product into the end customer’s systems. This is where Napino excels. It has a strong team of talent with the expertise needed to take any idea and turn it into a value proposition.

It doesn’t just involve electronic design, it may include mechanical elements, too. If it is in the realm of digital transformation it will undoubtedly include some form of communication, typically a direct connection to the Internet. The heart of any electronic system today comprises complex software, and this is where experience can make the difference between a product that can add real value, and something that just takes up space.

If we were to put it into human terms, it would be like having an expert in their field looking at every aspect of your business, every second of the day, and identifying how it could be done faster, cheaper, more reliably, more securely, or just better. An actionable insight is basically anything that can help you and your organization improve.

What is really important here is that most of the time these insights come from information you already own. If you or your employees had the time to observe and analyze every aspect of your business, you would expect to identify better ways of doing all sorts of things. Thankfully, you can now use digital technology to make those observations and do the analysis for you.

In order to do this, sensors are getting smarter, particularly at the edge of the network. This is where a lot of the data needed for analysis comes from. Digitalized information is more manageable than analogue data, so it follows that any digital transformation is built on good data, captured using only reliable techniques and technology that has been designed for the task.

Napino Digital Solutions is well-placed to address the specific requirements needed to capture your data. Our engineering talent includes general embedded hardware, software, and PCB designers, but it also includes domain experts, such as dashboard engineers, integration and test engineers, as well as engineers dedicated to mobile app development. With this level of talent available, Napino is ready to suggest potential solutions that will enable you to implement your digital transformation.

Not all companies are ready to push the button. They may have a good idea about how they can mine raw data from within their organization but have little concept of how to get from a sketch on a whiteboard to a deployable solution. That’s where Napino can help from ideation to complete value generation.

The real value in data comes with using it. That means analyzing the raw data to identify patterns, trends, and events. These elements are not always obvious, but they can be found. If you would like to learn more about Digital Transformation, please register to download and read our White Paper: ‘Transforming digital insights into business value’.