India on a path to become worldwide semiconductor hub

Semiconductors today are playing a critical role in the world. India is in a unique position to be an influential player in the segment owing to its consumer base and skilled engineering workforce. With the launch of the SemiconIndia 2022 Conference, India is on its way to becoming a leader in electronics manufacturing, semiconductor design, production, and innovation.

Napino Digital Solutions welcomes this great initiative by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

The conference was designed to bring together the key stakeholders to showcase the existing capabilities, ideate innovations and discuss global best practices.

The conference aligns with the larger national narratives such as Make in India and Atmanirbhar Bharat and is pegged as the launchpad for India Semiconductor Mission (ISM). The brightest minds in the sector have come together to help actualize India’s aspirations of becoming a superpower in the semiconductor sector. The three-day conclave was designed to provide force to India’s semiconductor strategy and map its future course of action and growth milestones.

Mr. Ashwini Vaishnaw (Minister of Electronics & Information Technology) said India is already home to 20% of the world’s VLSI design engineers & 250 semiconductor design companies are working out of India, 24,000 design engineers who have designed more than 2000 chips every year. Making India a seeming destination for manufacturing semiconductors.

Here are some key highlights:

  • India is planning on building a digital infrastructure to connect over 1.3 billion Indian
  • India’s consumption of semiconductors is expected to cross $ 80 billion by 2026 and $ 110 billion by 2030
  • India has earmarked USD 10 billion for Semiconductor Mission and is creating an environment that encourages growth to create a vibrant semiconductor ecosystem and steer the country into the future
  • International Semiconductor Consortium (ISMC) a joint venture between Abu Dhabi-based Next Orbit Ventures and Israel’sTower Semiconductor will invest $3 billion in a semiconductor chip-making plant in Karnataka.

Semiconductors have been playing a critical role in the world in ways that we can imagine. And with the launch of the Semiconductor mission puts India on the map as one of the key partners in global semiconductor supply chains.

At Napino Digital Solutions we work on the principle of high tech, high quality, and high reliability and will look forward to contributing to this great initiative by the Indian government.

About Napino:

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