Napino Digital Solutions Exhibits at RIoT LXIV – IoT Demo Night, USA

In partnership with All Things Open RIoT’s IoT demo night in Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA. The Demo Night was the largest open-source in-person tech event of 2021. Napino Digital Solutions participated as an event sponsor for the RIoT Demo Night 2021 and exhibited a wide set of products from our broad portfolio of products.

Napino Digital Solutions Exhibits at RIoT LXIV

The products that got the attention and interest of attendees:

Asset Tracking 

Napino has partnered with various companies to produce wireless tracking devices for logistics, pets, and people in real time. The asset trackers have multi-sensors and can be connected through GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, or 3G. These lightweight portable devices are equipped with batteries that can last years.

Surveillance Camera 

Smart Indoor Surveillance Cameras are the must-haves for any Smart Home solutions provider’s portfolio. They are designed to look after your family, and valuables while you’re away. These cameras produce crisp 1080p HD videos with a 140-degree ultra-wide-angle lens. The manufactured surveillance cameras are equipped with person detection, face recognition, night vision, two-way calling, and large storage space.


Napino Digital Solution’s in-house Telematics product can be used in two-wheelers as well as four-wheelers. It sends the vehicle’s raw data on the server like; Speed, RPM, Location, and DTCs. etc. The advantage of this Telematics unit is to secure and monitor vehicles all the time.

There is a provision to update Firmware Over The Air as well as through CAN. The Telematics unit has features of Engine ON Detection, Panic Detection, Accident Detection, Tow Detection, and much more and it also fulfils the automotive standards as per the requirement of AIS140.


ADAS camera

Seeing is Believing. And this is exactly ADAS camera-based technology that helps both the driver and the vehicle to react and respond promptly to the world around them. We provide the best image quality for our ADAS camera products so that the software in the vehicle can interpret what it sees as accurately as possible.

Napino’s expertise in vision technology, such as dual-sensor integration, calibration, image tuning, AI/ML, data modeling, and edge computing, enables us to deliver the most cutting-edge camera solutions to our customers.

Napino was recognized by Mr Tom Snyder, Executive Director of RIoT.


About RIoT

RIoT is a private, non-profit organization founded in 2014 based in Raleigh, North Carolina, and serves as a convener to the IoT community. RIoT leads a community of more than 9,000 members and 80+ participating companies, municipalities, and academic institutions. It has chapters in 6 cities across North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and Colorado and held more than 90 events in 2019. RIoT supports all industries through an equity-free accelerator program, access to labs, and expert technical/business mentoring.

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