Napino Digital Solutions to exhibit at CES 2023

Starting in 2023 (in just two weeks) the entire tech industry — from promising startups to Fortune 500 companies — will gather in one place at CES, the mega Consumer Electronics Show.

We are excited to announce that Napino Digital Solutions is exhibiting at CES January 2023, consumer electronics show. We will be at Booth No 10729, from January 5th through January 8th at Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

Napino Digital Solutions is India’s leading Electronics/IoT Product Engineering and Manufacturing company with a strong focus in the areas of Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Medical Electronics, Telecommunications, Smart Homes, IoT, Robotics, and Drones. 

Our team of experts comprising technically skilled & customer-centric personnel along with our global supplier ecosystem and ISO-certified Infrastructure and processes always ensures high-quality deliveries consistently. 

Our global customers vouch for our capabilities in DFX, Testing, Certification & Value Engineering services in addition to our design & manufacturing for IoT, electronics & mechatronics products. 

Napino Digital Solutions, a subsidiary of Napino Group one of the largest Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) with 13 SMT lines and 14 assembly lines across 9 locations in India. We offer product engineering, product prototyping, mass manufacturing & contract manufacturing for clients across North America, Europe & Asia. Our portfolio includes 25+ IoT products in vehicle telematics, cameras, smart speakers, location & environmental trackers, wearable devices, modular IoT gateways, etc. 

Full Stack ODM (Original Design Manufacturing)

👉 Rapid Prototyping

👉 Design For Manufacturing

👉 Testing & Certifications

👉 Supply Chain Management

👉 Value Engineering & Analysis

👉 Mass Scale Manufacturing

State-of-Art Facility

👉 13 SMT and 14 Assembly Lines

👉 ISO13485, ISO26262, ISO 9001:2015

👉 Electromagnetic Testing: Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC))

👉 Thermal, Humidity, and Insulation Testing

👉 Endurance & Ageing Testing

👉 Climatic Chambers (Hot, Cold, and Humid)

Product Capabilities

👉 Logistics | Asset Trackers & Data Loggers

👉 Automotive | DMS & Vehicle Telematics

👉 Electric Vehicles | BMS, Chargers & DC-DC Converters

👉 Smart Home Devices | Smart home solutions | Home appliances

👉 Medical Electronics

👉 Wearables

👉 Cameras

👉 Telecom | Gateways & Sensors

Our IoT experts Vinay Solanki and Ashish Chinthal will be at the consumer electronics show to discuss the latest technologies and solutions. Looking forward to meeting you at CES January 2023.

Napino Digital Solutions at ces 2023

Our Products Portfolio 

  1.   Environmental Trackers 

Smart Tracking & Environment Monitoring (STEM) enables you to seamlessly manage and monitor various environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, location, pressure, etc. The device is certified for usage in multi-modal transportation such as Air, Land, and Sea and can be integrated into any platform or application over standard protocols such as MQTT or TCP/IP.  

These devices come with an IP67 rating and are completely designed and manufactured in India. Additionally, the design and form factor can be customized to suit specific requirements and warranties. 

These are offered in both rechargeable and as well as non-rechargeable versions.  

  1.   Data Loggers 

Napino’s Data Logger is an innovatively designed single-use plug-and-play device that can be used to monitor and record the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment with high precision. This compact device is ideal for tracking pharmaceuticals and perishable goods during storage and shipment. These devices can be easily attached to multiple surfaces and can be configured to store environmental parameters at defined intervals. The environmental information captured, and the associated graphical views can be easily transferred to a computer using the onboard USB port. 

  1.   Asset Trackers  

Napino has teamed up with various businesses to create wireless real-time tracking devices for people, pets, and logistics. The asset trackers feature multiple sensors and can connect through Bluetooth, GSM, GPS, or 3G. These batteries can be in these configured compact, portable gadgets that have a long lifespan. 

  1.   Electronic Vehicle Chargers 

The 600W Li–ion battery charger is designed with ultra–high efficiency and a full metal case enclosure. The extraordinary performances of low power dissipation capability provide the chargers with high reliability and a long lifetime. This series of chargers offer solid and safe power conversions for applications such as E-vehicles, E-bikes, E-motorcycles, E-boats, E-machines, etc. 

  1.   Li-Ion Battery Packs 

The Battery Pack is designed to be used in Electric Vehicles as an energy source.  It consists of Li-Ion Cells of different chemistry (LFP, NCM) and has an integrated Battery Management System (BMS) to monitor the Battery status and provide diverse types of protection.  

  1.   Surveillance Camera  

Smart Indoor Surveillance Cameras are the must-haves for any Smart Home solutions provider’s portfolio. They are designed to look after your family and valuables while you are away. These cameras produce crisp 1080p HD videos with a 140-degree ultra-wide-angle lens. The manufactured surveillance cameras are equipped with person detection, face recognition, night vision, two-way calling, and large storage space. 

napino digital solutions at ces 2023 on jan 5th - 8th at las vega, usa

Tech has never been more important in our lives. We are open to collaborating on IoT solutions for India, the USA, and Europe. 

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