Napino Digital Solutions at the Most Powerful Tech Event: CES 2024

We are back at CES the consumer electronic industry’s biggest trade show in the world.

The Consumer Electronics trade show draws in startups to Fortune 500 companies. Napino Digital Solutions, India’s largest Electronics System Design and Manufacturing company, is gearing up for an impactful presence from January 9-12th at the LVCC, United States. Following this, we’ll be in the Bay Area until 20th January to attend events and explore potential collaborations. Our expertise extends across diverse sectors such as Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Medical Electronics, Telecommunications, Smart Homes, IoT, Robotics, Agriculture, and Drones.

Our team of dedicated professionals are all set and excited to showcase our top-notch solutions at CES.  We have a strong global network of suppliers and top-notch ISO-certified facilities, Napino Digital Solutions consistently delivers high-quality products and services to customers.

Our expertise extends beyond design and manufacturing. We offer a bunch of services like DFX, Testing, Certification, and Value Engineering. Our expertise in developing top-notch IoT, electronics, and mechatronics products is well-acknowledged by clients across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Napino Digital Solutions is part of the Napino Group, a leading Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) entity with an impressive setup of 14 SMT lines and 18 assembly lines spread across 9 key locations in India. We offer product engineering, prototyping, mass manufacturing, and contract manufacturing across the globe. 

Our diverse portfolio includes more than 25 IoT products, including in-vehicle telematics, cameras, Dashcam, smart speakers, location and environmental trackers, wearable devices, and modular IoT gateways. 

Full Stack Services Napino Offers:

Product Engineering

Electronics & Mechanical

Embedded Hardware & Firmware Development

Rapid Prototyping

Product Testing & Certification


PCB Assembly & Product Box- Building

Warehousing & Supply Chain Management

Turnkey Contract Manufacturing

Software Development

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Web & App Development

Cloud Integration

Advanced facilities at Napino Digital Solutions:

👉 13 SMT and 14 Assembly Lines

👉 ISO13485, ISO26262, ISO 9001:2015

👉 Electromagnetic Testing: Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC))

👉 Thermal, Humidity, and Insulation Testing

👉 Endurance & Ageing Testing

👉 Climatic Chambers (Hot, Cold, and Humid)

👉 Product Capabilities

👉 Logistics | Asset Trackers & Data Loggers

👉 Automotive | DMS & Vehicle Telematics

👉 Electric Vehicles | BMS, Chargers & DC-DC Converters

👉 Smart Home Devices | Smart home solutions | Home appliances

👉 Medical Electronics

👉 Wearables

👉 Cameras

👉 Telecom | Gateways & Sensors

Our leadership team Vaibhav Raheja – Joint Managing Director, Ashish Chinthal –  Business Head, and Aman Jain – Sales Head of Napino will be at the CES2024 to discuss the latest technologies and solutions. 

Napino at CES2024

Our Products Portfolio

Smart BLE Tag

Smart BLE tags, or Bluetooth Low Energy tags, are compact and intelligent hardware devices designed for various tracking applications. Our BLE tag use Bluetooth technology to communicate and can be employed to monitor the location and status of people, objects, or vehicles. 

Napino Digital Solutions’s Smart Beacon Plus is a new-generation beacon that has:

Hidden push button

Environmental sensors

Compact, sleek design 

It advertises standard Beacon data with a customizable name & fixed-length payload data. It continuously broadcasts with fixed-length constant data. The data and length are customizable during programming.

E- Label

Napino’s E Label will help to track and trace assets with ease. It is the next level of asset management developed to be compact without compromising on precision, this low-cost option is perfect for many use cases one of which is cold chain management with space constraints. 

 Asset Tracker

Napino has partnered with various businesses to create wireless real-time tracking devices for people, pets, and logistics. The asset trackers feature multiple sensors and can connect through Bluetooth, GSM, GPS, or 3G. These batteries can be in these configured compact, portable gadgets that have a long lifespan. 


It Seamlessly manages and monitors various environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, location, pressure, etc. The device is certified for usage in multi-modal transportation such as Air, Land, and Sea. It can be integrated into any platform or application over standard protocols. The Gateway talks to any Beacon to capture the data and upload it to the cloud via the WiFi/Cellular/ LoRA network along with live tracking details.

Data Loggers 

Napino’s Data Logger is an innovatively designed single-use plug-and-play device that can be used to monitor and record the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment with high precision. This compact device is ideal for tracking pharmaceuticals and perishable goods during storage and shipment. These devices can be easily attached to multiple surfaces and can be configured to store environmental parameters at defined intervals. The environmental information captured, and the associated graphical views can be easily transferred to a computer using the onboard USB port. 

Dash Camera

Dash Camera is a life-saving tool that allows you to record the road ahead as well as behind as you drive on the road. Our Dash Camera combines a compact design with robust features such as Driver Heart Rate, Spo2, Monitoring, Drowsiness, and Stress Monitoring. Equipped with a potent Qualcomm 625 Processor. It excels in processing EDGE IoT Applications and Artificial Intelligence algorithms. The device, powered by an octa-core CPU and Adreno 506 GPU running at 2.0 GHz, is Android-compatible, including Smart Tabs. Connectivity options include 4G LTE, Cat 6, Wi-Fi 2.4GHz/5GHz, BLE 4.2, and GPS Glonass. 

Additionally,  it is powered with a 10,000 mAh battery, Microphone, Speaker, and USB type C for rapid charging and data transfer, which ensures a seamless user experience.

Telematics 2G

Napino’s 2G Telematics unit does a clever job by sending the vehicle’s important info, like Speed, RPM, Location, and DTCs, to a server. This goes for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Now, this unit detects when the engine is on, sensing panic, spotting accidents, and even figuring out if the vehicle is being towed. Plus, it meets all the automotive standards set by AIS140.

This 2G telematics unit is so flexible that it can update its basic settings either through servers or through simple text messages (SMS). So, things like IP Address, APN, and how often it sends data can be easily tweaked. 

Napino Digital Solutions

Our expertise ranges from Product Design, Mechanical Engineering, Hardware design, PCBA, box building, mass-scale manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning.  We are open to collaborating on IoT solutions for India, the USA, and Europe. 

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